San Bruno Mountain Watch

On January 25th, Nadine and I went for a hike on the San Bruno Mountain with a naturalist who was very fond of his work. He gave us the history of San Bruno Mountain while we hiked up to the utmost peak. In 1769, the Portola expedition visited San Francisco Bay. The expedition was one of the first European presences in the area. Five years later, Fernando Rivera and four soldiers climbed the mountain and watched the sunrise from across the bay. Bruno de Heceta named the mountain for his patron saint. The San Bruno Mountain provides a habitat for many rare and endangered species, such as the San Bruno elfin butterfly. 

He also talked to us about a man who chose to live on the top of the mountain, secluded away from the rest of the city. He created his own hut using the natural resources from the mountain, and became very well known among the citizens of San Bruno. An elementary class came to visit his hut one day, and became very closely acquainted with one of the school teacher, and they eventually got married.


The hike up the San Bruno Mountain was very informative (and pretty) and we learned a lot from the experience. I recommend this hike to anyone wishing to know more about the history of the Bay Area, and burn a few calories in the process!

Image ImageImage



  1. I love San Bruno Mountain – Beautiful place, and you took great pictures!

  2. David Schooley is an expert on San Bruno Mountain. It is a special experience to get to hike the mountain with him. I really like the pictures you took!

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