So… do we get tired from Turkey or not??

thanksgiving-sleepythanksgiving-napFor many years, people have assumed that the culprit of the post-Thanksgiving drowsiness is the Tryptophan found in turkeys. Tryptophan is one of the 22 amino acids, and is necessary for healthy diets. But is this really the case? Surprisingly, as shown in the chart below, the level of tryptophan in turkeys is not considerably higher that the tryptophan content in other meats, such as pork or chicken.


The level of Tryptophan in turkeys is too insignificant to create drowsiness from purely the turkey, but consuming Tryptophan-containing protein along with carbohydrates makes Tryptophan more accessible to the brain. This releases insulin, which then clears other amino acids from the bloodstream and allows tryptophan to enter into the brain, where it creates a sedating effect throughout one’s body. Therefore, many people experience drowsiness following a filling thanksgiving meal because of the carbohydrates consumed along with the turkey, not solely because of the turkey itself.

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Now that you know the truth about Tryptophan, you can quit fearing that innocent turkey. Instead, you can spend your time reevaluating those chicken nuggets. Should they really be eaten for breakfast, or should you save them for a midnight snack?

Since you’re still here, I have something else for you to consider. Is this cartoon politically correct? Post your answer in the comments section below.2010-11-21-lola-lollipop-turkey-tryptophan-and-trust-happy-thanksgiving-comic-strip-131


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  1. madisonschmidt

    WOW LAUREN I’m so informed and inspired now. I can’t believe it. I trust you so much (it must be the turkey)

  2. I think the comic is just a mother trying to serve a traditional dinner.

  3. This is a fabulous post! Great idea to include the graph of tryptophan in foods. I think it is really fun to include the cartoon and engage your audience by asking them to respond. I’m not sure I totally got the cartoon. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think.

  4. bonnieeescottl

    Ooh, I LOVE it when people apply science to everyday concerns – thank you for bringing up the topic and explaining the findings so clearly.

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